11 Home Remodelling Checklist to Prepare Before Remodelling

Home remodelling checklist is what you really need to ensure that your remodeling project will be successful. There are various things to do when you’re remodeling the house. But you need to set up the priority and what you’re going to do first.

home remodeling checklist

How to Prepare Home Remodelling Checklist

Remodelling checklist is an awesome thing that will help you in preparing remodeling budget. If you are planning to start remodelling the house, below is everything you better put in your remodelling checklist before the project begins.

  1. Create the planning and design

If you have no idea how to start, create a simple list of yes or no for your do it yourself project. Even if you are going to hire the professionals to remodel your house, this simple list will be extremely helpful. Look for subcontractors and contractors for the jobs you don’t want to do yourself.

  1. Consider the projects that are bigger

The biggest remodelling projects usually include roof repair or replacement, fixing your house’s foundation, repairing or installing siding and windows, and also dealing with the water infiltration. It is crucial to do the larger projects first since the other projects will be impacted by these ones.

  1. Plan for the demolition

The next point that should be put in your home remodelling checklist is demolition. You are going to demolish and dispose of some sections of your house and replace them with the later one. This one is a huge project that requires container rental for the waste. Prepare this demolition seriously.

  1. Always think about the structural carpentry

Structural carpentry works include various things, such as moving the walls, adding beams in order to support upstairs with greater weight, constructing new walls, punching in some new doors after removing the existing doors, and many more. Structural carpentry must be on your home remodelling checklist.

  1. Plan out the plumbing and electrical jobs

Plumbing and electrical are vital since they need to be installed after you open the ceiling and walls. If you live in an area where the installation of these requires those who are professionally licensed, you need to follow the regulation and start calculating the cost to hire those who are professionals.

  1. Consider remodeling your windows

You can install the new windows yourself. But installing replacement or new construction windows may invalidate the warranty from the manufacturer. Make sure you check the requirements from the manufacturers of the windows. If necessary, hire professionals so you can get the warranty.

  1. Plant out the drywall and insulation

Next home remodelling checklist is insulation that should go in before the drywall goes up. Use different types of insulation for some different areas of your house. Insulation is usually attached to the attic and walls. Installation of this remodeling project can be done by yourself.

  1. Add some finishing touches

Adding finishing touches is a smaller project. However, it requires you to have some fine carpentry skills. That includes in this home remodelling checklist is trimming around the doors and windows, molding, preparing the baseboards and some built in elements like your breakfast nooks or bookcases.

  1. Interior finishing work like painting and applying wallpaper

Many homeowners are able to handle the work of hanging wallpaper, painting the interior walls, painting trim and molding, or sealing and staining the trim. Those surface finishes are oriented in detail and should be the last things you do indoors.

  1. Installing the flooring

The final covering for your floor varies depending on the room you are remodeling. Some available options are engineered wood, laminate wood, solid hardwood, or even carpet for your bedroom areas and living room. Flooring is an important home remodelling checklist you need to consider seriously.

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When choosing flooring for your kitchen and bathrooms, you’ll need different options. Marble, vinyl, and tile are the best flooring options for those special rooms. Installing the flooring must be the very last step on your interior remodelling project.

  1. Move to your house’s exterior

When you’re done with your interior, you can start moving to your exterior. And there are also various exterior projects to consider, like adding a connected sunroom or porch to your house. Or you can think about remodelling the areas that are separated from the main building of your house.

The final home remodelling checklist is remodelling the swimming pools or detached garages. Just make sure your indoors are done or mostly done before you move to this last project.

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