4 Advantages of House with Flat Roof and Its Disadvantages

House with flat roof is considered a modern house. The flat roof can also be found on commercial buildings, not only on residential buildings. If you are planning on building a modern and minimalist house and interested in using a flat roof, you better learn about the bad and good of this roof.

Just like the other types of residential roofs, flat roofs come with some advantages and disadvantages. Learning about the advantages and disadvantages of a flat roof is going to help you see if this roof is the right option for your upcoming residential project.

House with flat roof

Advantages of House with Flat Roof

Many homeowners prefer flat roof systems instead of tile or shingles roofing systems. Those people usually choose the flat roofing system after knowing the entire advantages of the system. Below are some advantages of the flat roofing system you better know before building your modern house.

  1. Flat roof requires easy construction

Constructing a flat roof is much easier than constructing the other types of roofing system. Planning a house with flat roof will ease the contractors during the construction project. They won’t run into an issue when they’re building houses that will be completed with a flat roofing system.

  1. More durable roofing system to consider

If durability is your very first thing you want for your house, then you need to consider choosing a flat roofing system. Flat roofing system for residential buildings is water resistant. This means you don’t need to worry about any water damage.

Flat concrete roofing system is even the best option to consider if you want the house to be able to hold up against the heavy winds. The risk of the fallout will absolutely decrease if you opt for a house with flat roof.

  1. It is possible to repair your flat roof

If there are problems with your flat roof, repairing the roof is possible and totally easy. Repairing or recoating your flat roof requires affordable cost compared to repairing cost to the other roofing systems. This also means a flat roof is the right roofing system if you want to save more in the future.

  1. It is easier to clean your flat roofing system

It is much easier to reach the flat roof of your house than reaching many other roofing systems. This makes maintenance becomes a lot easier to do. Cleaning your house with flat roof from mold, algae, and stains regularly is so much easier and fun.

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Make sure you clean the roof regularly in order to prevent the debris from building up. The best and easiest way to clean the flat roof is pressure washing. This cleaning method is not going to damage your incredible roof especially if the flat roof is made of concrete.

Disadvantages of House with Flat Roof

Unfortunately, the flat roofing system also has some disadvantages. Learn more about the disadvantages of flat roofs so that you will be able to figure out whether this is the best roofing option for your home. Below are some disadvantages of a flat roofing system.

  1. Flat roof system lacks of drainage

Lack of drainage is the biggest flat roof disadvantage. It is important for you to check your roof regularly. If you never inspect the flat roof regularly, the drains may be clogged with water and snow. You want to make sure the drains are cleaned out. It is also crucial to use a waterproof seal.

Applying a waterproof seal regularly is going to prevent leaks. Keep in mind that a flat roof doesn’t have slopes for the snow or water to slide down.

  1. Dirt and debris can build up on the roof

House with flat roof must also deal with another issue: the twigs, leaves, dirt and debris may build up on your flat roof and clog up your drain. This leads to water and snow not draining properly. Avoid this problem by inspecting the drain regularly and cleaning the entire debris and dirt off the flat roof.

  1. Limited materials are available

Most flat roofs are made of rolled materials that include EPDM, TPO, bitumen, and rubber. Those materials are less expensive but will only last between 10 and 15 years. Rubber shingles that have rolled rubber roofing are the other material for those who have extra budget.

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Now since you know the advantages and disadvantages of a house with flat roof, compare this roofing system with the others and choose the best one.

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