5 Gorgeous House Architecture Styles and Their Features

House architecture came in so many variations. Before remodeling your house or adding another level to the house, make sure you understand the architecture or style of houses so you’ll make your house much better than before.

There are so many different house styles you should choose to apply to your own. You still can use the original house style as your starting point and then make some exterior makeover to make your house look much more amazing.

Beautiful House Architecture Styles Everyone Should Know

Remodeling a house can be a fun thing to do, as long as you know what kind of architecture you’ll apply to your house. Below are some wonderful architecture or house styles you better know before you start planning to remodel your house.

  1. Ranch House

The origin of this Ranch House was the architecture of Spanish Colonial. Ranch House today is identical with long and ground hugging profiles with roofs that have low pitch. Ranch House has a single story and usually is equipped with long porches and open plan layouts.

Ranch house also has asymmetrical form, U shaped form, or L shaped form. The garage attached to the ranch house architecture is large and is able to accommodate some cars. The exterior of this architecture has cladding materials such as render or stucco, timber, brick and stone.

The eaves owned by this ranch house are deep and overhanging. It is designed to battle the overheating condition in the house.

  1. Craftsman House

Then there is a craftsman house that is free of elaborative extras or decoration. This house has a rectangular and compact size. Just like the ranch house, the craftsman house also has overhanging and deep eaves. The entrance door is part glazed.

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The use of natural materials like in this house architecture brick, timber, and stone are oftentimes handcrafted. Craftsman house is completed with shingle roof covering and double hung windows that have multiple panes. The front porch is wide and extends out from the house’s main roofline.

This kind of house style emerged in the United States between 1900 and 1930s. The house’s name was founded by The Craftsman magazine’s editor, Gustav Stickley.

  1. Colonial House

Colonial house is a unique American house that the architecture has symmetry everywhere, from the doors, windows, columns, to the landscaping. The form of this house architecture is usually rectangular or square.

The design of this colonial house usually has two stories but some colonial houses even have two and a half stories. Some colonial houses are completed with portico while some others have front doors that are partially covered.

There will be window shutters on the windows of colonial houses and double chimneys or a large chimney. There are various types of colonial houses like British Colonial and French Colonial.

  1. Cape Cod House

Cape cod house is what you need if you want a house with symmetry, practicality, and simplicity. This house architecture is aesthetically pleasing for those who want everything to align perfectly. Many people believe that a cape cod house is just a version or a type of colonial house.

But actually, a cape cod house has different features. This house has strong symmetry and a central chimney. The materials used to build the house are local materials, including stone or slate, shingle, and timber weatherboarding.

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The first cape cod house was found in Cape Cod somewhere in the 17th century. The house spread to the small towns located in New England in the middle of the 1800s.

 great House architecture

  1. Victorian House Architecture

The Victorian houses of the US and the UK look similar. Victorian houses have roofs with high pitch, colored or patterned brickwork, decorative or carved timber bargeboard, and also roofs with ornaments like carved ornaments or finials.

Some other features of this house are the porches. Porches were the sign of homeowner’s status, that’s why many people loved to use elaborate windows to their house. The Victorian house also has sash and bay windows as well as date stones that usually are placed above the entry door.

Some more elaborate Victorian houses have stained glass and arched windows. Have you decided which house architecture you will choose to remodel your current house? Pick one that matches the current architecture so you don’t have to remodel the entire building.

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