5 Incredible Design and Decor to Inspire You

Each house design and decor have its own history. The most famous house designs most people know includes ranch style, craftsman style, Tudor style, colonial style, and cape cod style. But those designs are not the only designs to choose from.

To classify the type of a house, you can see from the house’s architectural style and from the structure type or building type of the house. Get some details about some types of houses below and choose the right one to remodel your own house.

Awesome House Design and Décor

If you want a house with awesome design, there are wonderful houses you should know. By understanding each house design, you’ll know which type is going to be perfect for you, your family, and your lifestyle. Here are the best house designs to consider.

  1. Beach House

Another name for a beach house is seaside house. This house is raised up so that it will suit the oceanfront locations. This kind of house is the right option if you want to go on a family vacation or if you want to have a house close to the water.

Another version of this house design and decor is the Tidewater house. This tidewater house can be found around the southeast coasts in the US since the 1800s. The house was designed for either wet or hot climates. Beach house has wide porches that look eclectic.

The porches are constructed of wood. The house also has a living area that is raised in one level. Tidewater house has wider eaves as well as waterfront space. You’ll love this one if you love beaches.

  1. Contemporary House

Another excellent house design and decor is called contemporary house. This type of house was famous between the 1960s and 1970s. Contemporary houses have large plate glass windows. It also has concrete or metal materials used to build the building.

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The decoration used to beautify this house is stones or wood with their natural look and geometrical shapes such as rectangles and rounds. Contemporary house design also has asymmetrical form. The sliding doors and large windows are used to allow the natural lighting to get into the house.

Contemporary houses don’t have too many ornaments and details. If you want a house with smooth lines and textures, you’ll love this contemporary house design and the clean landscaping.

  1. Country Style House Design and Décor

Country house is actually a mansion or a European house that has broad grounds. Another name for this house is the manor house. The manor house or country house was the house of manor but now, the design came in smaller size so everyone can own it.

Country house has a classical look with some woods used to construct the porches, doors, and the frames of windows. The windows are often narrow. Homeowners can add bay windows to some sides of the house.

The country house design and decor will be more gorgeous with a clean landscape and some flower plants around the building.

design and decor

  1. English Cottage House

An English cottage was known as a small old-fashioned house or small house but then this house got more famous as an English cottage since it is known as a cottage in England. This house has a ground floor as well as bedrooms that all fit inside one roof space.

The English cottage house has unique wooden doors and tall, narrow windows around the building. It will be awesome if you can add a small stone path right in front of the entry door and clean green lawns on both sides of the path. This house design and decor has one or some chimneys on its roof.

  1. Florida House

Here comes a unique house with a wooden frame style. This house was famous in Florida, United States, in the 19th century. The Florida houses have metal roofs and are completed with large porch areas. The floor is raised and the house has conventional or straight central hallways.

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The hallways are known as dog trot or shotgun hallways since they look like a shotgun. If you want to build this Florida house design and decor, get inspired by the Plumb House that is located in Clearwater, Bensen House located in Grant, or Winchester Symphony House located in Eau Gallie.

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