5 Marvelous House Design Styles with Different Characteristics

Knowing various house design styles is crucial, especially if you are planning to remodel the exterior of your house. You’ll want to know some awesome designs of houses so you can pick one that matches your current exterior and remodel the house without wasting too much money.

There are a lot of house styles you can find today. Each style has amazing features that make it different from one another. If you are planning to build your very own home or try to recreate the current style, you should consider choosing one of these house styles below.

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Awesome Design Styles All Remodelers Must Know

Victorian, Georgian, and Craftsman are just some house styles you can choose. They are not the only styles you can opt for. If you think those three styles don’t match the current style of your own house, consider these styles. Pick one that matches your lifestyle the most.

  1. Art Deco Style

The architecture of art deco has a very distinctive style. It has geometric shapes that are strong, bold colors, and some motifs. Art deco style is not modernist architecture. Art deco design styles have some characteristics such as flat roofs that are completed with parapets.

Some other features carried by this house style are windows that have continuous bands, curved walls that are combined with some straight forms, geometric elements, balconies that the shape are not uncommon, and motifs that are classical and exotic.

Usually, the materials used to build the house’s exterior include glass bricks, concrete, and stucco. This house style also has well defined, rectangular, horizontal, linear, and sleek lines.

  1. Tudor Style

This kind of house can be found easily around Britain. People can tell if some houses have Tudor design styles if those houses have black and white facades as well as outlines that look charming. In the United States, Tudor style appeared somewhere in the 1800s.

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Some characteristics of this house style include tall and narrow windows, doorways that have low arch, roof covering with slate, tile, or thatch, and roofs with low thatched or steeply pitched gabled. The brick construction of this house style is designed with decorative half timbers.

That construction was designed in order to replicate the original timber frames. Tudor house style can be found in the United Kingdom and in the United States today.

  1. Shingle Design Styles

Shingle style house is a perfect option if you are looking for a house that has a simpler style. The shingles will cover the surfaces that are flat and large. There are so many houses that have this Shingle style, such as the Charles Lang Freer House that is located in Detroit.

The Isaac Bell House that is located in Newport, Rhode Island also has the Shingle style. The Shingle style house usually has two chimneys on both ends of the house, left and right. This house also has some bay windows.

The exterior of the house uses some natural materials such as brick. The windows of the Shingle design styles are narrow and small.

  1. Prairie School Style

The Prairie School Style is a unique house style that is always associated with Crafts and Arts. You can find this unique house style in the Midwest. One of the unique houses with Prairie School styles is the Robie House that was designed by Frank Lloyd.

That house embodies the organic architecture as well as the horizontal lines. Prairie School house style has a relatively simple design with bricks as the main material used to build the external part of the house. There is a chimney added to these design styles.

  1. Gothic Revival Style

This is a simple, beautiful house style that made so many people fall in love. At the end of the 19th century, medieval architecture returned and materialized in so many collegiate buildings and churches. Some people also wanted to use the steep gables and pointed arches on their houses.

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Usually, this unique house style uses only one color for the exterior. An inspiring example came from the Dibble House that is located in Eldon, Iowa. That house has white paint color for the exterior walls, window frames, and poles.

When choosing between the design styles, you should think about your lifestyle as well. Pick a house style that matches your own lifestyle and is able to reflect your personality.

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